Industrial UV printers take digital images and print them directly onto a substrate. These machines utilize cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white and varnish UV inks to reproduce stunning graphics on a variety of materials such as plastic, glass, stainless steel, ceramic and more. As its name states, the UV ink is cured after printing using a UV light. Inkcups manufactures and sells three different types of UV printers: flatbed, conveyorized and cylindrical inkjet printers.

UV printers can be used almost in limitless cases and on limitless surfaces. UV printing can be applied on all kind of shapes like toys, promotional gifts of all kind, glasses, bottles, sporting goods, electronics etc. UV printing has become ultimate tool for customization of promotional products and all other products that need to be customized fast and cost effective.

Inkcups provides the complete solution for digital UV printers, including inks, spare parts, and support. We offer a wide variety of UV inks to ensure adhesion to nearly any substrate while offering exceptional abrasion resistance. Our inkjet printer spare parts are always-in-stock to ensure rapid shipping to all our customers. Inkjet print support technicians are always available to answer any questions about the maintenance and support of your machine. In addition, Inkcups offers an extensive resource section with more information and useful data for all inkjet machines. Going digital may be difficult, but with a partner like Inkcups, it’s easy.

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Advantages of UV printers 

UV printers are bringing many advantages compared to classic printing solutions. New UV printers will assure faster, more flexible and higher quality printing.

High quality print

UV printers are using dual substance ink that is exposed to UV (ultra violet) light. UV light is used to dry ink as it is printed. Result of that is high quality and high conttrast print due to ultra-fast drying of the ink with no issue of speeding. 


One of the most important advantages of UV printers is their flexibility in application of different materials and surfaces.
Due to fact that ink is dry instantly there is no risk of ink spreading and leaking, so print can be applied on hard and soft surfaces and different shapes.
UV printers are especially effective for Print on demand, for example for souvenirs and promotional products in small series.


Other benefit of UV printers is the level of consistency that UV printing provides. With many other printing options, it’s common for quality to change even between two different materials produced seconds apart. With UV printing, everything that you create will be picture perfect.

Costs of printing

UV printers can reduce your total cost of printing due to low ink usage.

UV printer application on bottle